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Car DVR/Dash Camera

Grain Media GM813x SoC Car DVR/Dash Camera Solution

Grain Media offers GM813x series SoC aiming at providing cost-effective HD video surveillance and recording solution for security camera and car DVR solution. The GM813x series SoC including the GM8135/GM8135S, GM8136/GM8136S, GM8138/GM8138S. GM8135S, GM8136S and GM8138S models are embedded with DDR DRAM memory, delivering low-power consumption performance.

The video codec engine of GM813x provides H.264 HP/MP/BL encoder; it delivers high-quality and low-bandwidth requirement video performance. The wide range of system peripheral elements, including the H.264 codec, video capture, display controller, encryption controller, serial I/F controllers, USB 2.0 OTG, and Ethernet GMAC controller, enable GM813x SoC to support most of the applications of high-cost-effective products. 

Grain Media SoC Function

GM813x SoC Design Diagram

Grain Media GM813x SoC Design Diagram

GM Car DVR Application Block Diagram

Grain Media SoC Application Block Diagram

The Car DVR/Dash Camera PCB

Car DVR/Dash Camera PCB


  • O.S: freeRTOS / Linux
  • Video Streaming: Dual video streaming support
  • Fast system Boot Up time: < 1sec
  • Battery supplied
  • WiFI support (STA / Software AP )
  • Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
  • CMOS image sensor : IMX322 , OV2715 …etc

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