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HD 360° Fisheye Panoramic VR Camera

Best HD 360° Fisheye Panoramic VR IP Security Camera

D1101VR is a small palm size WiFi camera, however leveraging a 360 degree fisheye lens and advanced image signal processor to deliver HD VR video with high clarity and accurate color reproduction image quality. The camera is a circle/UFO shape camera can be easily mounted on ceiling to have the maximum viewing coverage. As long as your smartphone has connected to Internet, either via WiFi or 3G (UMTS)/4G(LTE), and have the complementary Yoosee App installed, you can watch HD live video, and use the built-in audio feature to monitor audio or speak to people.

This inexpensive panoramic VR camera is the best substitute to conventional IP cameras, it offers advanced digital pan/tilt/zoom function, users can swipe on video screen to pan/tilt the viewing angle endlessly, as it uses the virtual pan/tilt technology, there is no noise interference problem which a normal pan/tilt camera usually faces. Consequently, the VR camera can provide better audio monitoring.

360° Day/Night Panoramic VR IP Camera
HD VR IP Security Camera

No need to use a sophisticated software, you can experience the VR in your smartphone, you can touch the icons to choose different viewing modes such as 360 degree for 3D surround viewing angle, bowl shape view, roller shape view, even 2D plain view, 4 screen split view modes.  Using your fingers to pinch on video can zoom in for details.

Why opting for 360° panoramic VR camera?

High definition image: delivering 1280x960 HD video by utilizing the 1.3 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor (SmartSens SC1135), incorporating with advanced image processing technologies such as digital wide dynamic range, auto white balance, 2D digital noise reduction. 

Easy to setup and use: offering wired and WiFi wireless connection, after connect the camera to the power adapter (included a 12V 1.5A AC/DC adapter) , merely takes three simple steps you can instantly access your camera to watch real-time HD video. Through the groundbreaking smartlink technology, you can setup the camera’s WiFi even it doesn’t connect to the router by an Ethernet cable. 

360° Day/Night Panoramic VR IP Camera
HD VR IP Security Camera

VR experience in your smartphone: playing real-time 360° panoramic camera right on your smartphone (Android and iOS), this inexpensive IP security camera can bring you an impressive VR experience. 

Audio/video monitoring/recording: not only watching the HD video, but also achieving audio monitoring, you even can talk back with the camera. Support video/audio recording in microSDHC/TF memory card, in your smartphone via App, or even in your computers via freeware CMSClient. Day & night 24 hours video surveillance, never miss any activity even in complete darkness condition, it has Infrared LEDs, can illuminate up to 10 meters range. 

Motion detection with push notification alerts: support motion detection, active/de-active the detection easily on App, up to 5 users can receive instant push notification once an alarm occurs. If has set SMTP connection successfully, the App can send email alerts with pictures as the attachment to max. 3 email addresses.

360° Day/Night Panoramic VR IP Camera
HD VR IP Security Camera

Use ideas for 360° VR camera

Baby monitoring:  nowadays there are more and more baby monitoring products hit the market, enable those busy parents to easily see beloved child over the camera. 360 degree HD VR camera is an innovative camera not only can provide high quality video, but have your entire room covered. It also offers rich features, for instance, relying on the audio feature, parents can shush their kids remotely. The motion detection feature can let you know if the baby tosses and turns. 

House security & monitoring: simply having an IP camera installed in your house can greatly reduce the chance being the victim of burglary, the IP camera can not only allow you to know if an intruder has sneaked into your house/garden/garage, but also can keep the video evidence to help for crime investigation conducted by law enforcement. The security consultants typically recommend a system including two indoor 360° VR cameras and two outdoor bullet cameras, connect them to a NVR as the most useful and efficient security system for home. Since the camera is so small, it can perfectly blend into your house decoration.

360° Day/Night Panoramic VR IP Camera
HD VR IP Security Camera

Small business: today security cameras become the essential equipment when people run small businesses. This 360° panoramic camera can have your entire shop covered, it can replace multiple regular security cameras and saving the cost by reducing the number of cameras, you can rely on this camera to inform you of everything that goes on. The camera is always on the watch for shoplifters, and the shop owner can monitor the employer’s activity, the staff will not shive as knowing they are being monitored.

Warehouse: some users may look for indoor IP cameras to secure their warehouse. As stored a large number of goods, your warehouse can be a prime target for thieves. This 360 degree fisheye lens panoramic camera can keep your warehouse secure, it also can be integrated your new/existing IP surveillance system since it’s compliant with ONVIF specification. 

Office: looking to deploy IP security cameras to help keep an eye on your office? This indoor HD VR camera is the best choice. It’s a network-enabled camera can hook up to your office router by wired Ethernet cable or WiFi. This 360° panoramic IP security camera is quite suitable for indoor video monitoring such as lobby, office area, it can be a complement to your existing IP video surveillance system.

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