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1080p wireless security camera with alarm integration

Best 1080p wireless security camera integrates intruder sensors

When considering secure our residences, people usually choose to subscribe alarm monitoring service and install so-called free burglar alarm system, or some opted for network cameras to setup a complete video surveillance system. As they are totally different products or systems, most of them can not support interoperability, which means you can not achieve the maximum efficiency. Unifore here is delighted to introduce you D1201-HE, it’s a smart 1080p wireless security camera features alarm integration.

Easy Wireless Sensor Integration

D1201-HE has a completely different hardware design comparing most cameras in market. It has built-in RF communicator, which enable camera to communicate with multiple intruder sensors. The camera works with all kinds of security sensor including door/window sensor, PIR motion sensor, vibration sensor, glass break sensor, smoke sensor, heat sensor and more. It provides a great interoperability to help you achieve maximum efficiency of protecting your house and stopping intruders.

How sensor integration works?

The camera is the brain or center of the system, it has Internet/network connection capability, it communicates with security sensors wirelessly. When any of sensor is triggered will set off an alarm. The camera will not only start yelling to deter intruders, but also send instant push notification and email snapshots to alert home owners, users will be notified immediately, can check video to know what is happening even they’re away from home. Since the camera works with other types of security sensor, users can use other detection method to actively safeguard property. By using an integrated system, you’re not only able to get notified, but also know what is happening through video. Most importantly, you don’t pay monthly alarm monitoring fee, and the system is affordable to everyone.

Smart camera works with door/window sensor

Door/window sensor (reed switch, magnetic contact) is one of most widely used security sensor for burglar alarm monitoring. It’s the ideal security sensor to secure/monitor each entry-points that burglars may break-in your house. It provides you the most reliable detection yet low-cost method to effectively secure your property. Door/window sensor is suitable any open/close objects, when the item is closed or opened, sensor will be triggered. D1201-HE is able to work with your wireless door/window sensor. For example, when a door or window (safe-box, wardrobe, closet...etc)is opened illegally, home owners will receive instant push notifications which sent from camera, meanwhile camera will automatically rotate to the breached area to capture crime scene. 

PIR motion sensor to protect interior rooms

PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor is well-known for protecting space like rooms, aisles, balconies. PIR motion sensor typically can monitor a large space, the detecting coverage distance up to 12 meters and coverage angle up to 110 degree. PIR motion sensor utilizes passive Infrared detecting technology, it has advantages of accurate detection ignore non-human object’s movement, ultra low power consumption. D1201-HE works with multiple wireless PIR motion sensors, in addition to merely using a HD camera, you can deploy a PIR motion sensor to monitor the entire room. Once an intruder enters into sensor’s monitored area, burglar alarm will be triggered.

1080p FHD video surveillance

The camera employs 2-megapixel image sensor and advanced Hi3518EV200 processor (SoC), it can shoot high quality and crystal clear 1080p Full HD resolution video. Thanks to its improved H.264 video compression engine, the cam delivers smooth video stream over network to end users even under low Internet speed (stream bitrate is 30% lower than conventional H.264 algorithm). Multiple stream technology helps camera to transmit FHD/HD, VGA, CIF triple streams simultaneously, this ensures users watch smooth live video stream no matter your smartphone connects to 4G/LTE cellular or Wi-Fi. Built-in microphone & speaker, the camera support audio monitoring and 2-way intercom. 

Up to 128GB on-board storage

On-board storage is also called edge storage, it means the security camera can store/record video itself to a micro memory card. D1201-HE can accept 32GB/64GB/128GB memory card for video storage. On-board storage helps users to achieve video recording and eliminate extra cost on buying a network video recorder. Most importantly, the camera record video despite of network condition. Even network is interrupted coincidentally, camera still keep recording. On the opposite, if using a PC, NVR or NAS, the device will lose video footage when network is down. D1201-HE camera features three recording mode (schedule, 24 hours/manual, alarm/motion detection), providing a great flexibility to meet different video recording requirement. 

Smart pan/tilt rotation (preset)

D1201-HE adopts pan/tilt design, it’s able to pan horizontally 255 degree and tilt vertically 120 degree. Pan&tilt helps to monitor the entire room, you’re able to control camera remotely wherever you’re. Apart from similar cameras in market, D1201-HE supports preset positions, users can config five different positions, simply tapping the mark, camera will automatically rotate to designated position. Incorporating with burglar sensors, users can even achieve advanced and customized smart alarm detection , alarm monitoring and video surveillance.


D1201-HE supports seamless video surveillance integration. It’s compatible with Onvif specification, it connects with any brands network video recorders, and work with your free or paid video management software. For those users running network attached storage or home automation system, the camera can deliver stream to these devices or platform through universal RTSP stream protocol. You’re able to play live stream via media player such as Quicktime, VLC. 

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