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8CH PoE Switch Supports IEEE802.3af/at

8CH PoE Switch Supports IEEE802.3af/at for Network Cameras

TP120 is a 8+2 PoE network switch designed for offering power supply and network switching to video surveillance network cameras. This PoE switch adopts 8+2 ports design which consists of 8 pieces 10/100Mbps ports and 2 pieces 10/100/1000Mbps ports. This network switch can provide up to 7G data exchanging capacity and high speed data forwarding performance, to ensure the quality of image, and reduce video latency time to provide smooth video. Meanwhile, the 8 units 10/100Mbps support IEEE802.3af/at standard to work with conventional network cameras and PTZ network cameras. Besides, this network switch has built-in anti-static, anti-surge protection, its anti-lightning protection reaches up to 6KV, supports one-key setting, VLAN, ARP attacks protection etc functions, which can ensure the security of data, prevent being attacked by virus or Internet.

PoE+ (802.3at) 8CH PoE Switch
PoE+ (802.3at) 8CH PoE Switch
Item Description
Power Power Supply Power Adaptor
Voltage Range DC 48V~57V
Power Consumption <5W
Port Parameter Rate 1~8 Downlink Ethernet Ports:10/100Mbps; 9~10 Uplink Ethernet Ports:10/100/1000Mbps
Transmission Distance 1~8 Ports:0~100m (Default),CCTV:250m,Uplink:0~100m
PoE Ports RJ45 Ports with 30u Gold-plated Flattened Pin
Ethernet Exchange Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.3/802.3u/IEEE802.3 af/IEEE802.3at
Backplane 7G
Packet Forwarding Rate 4.166Mbps
Data Package Cache 1.5Mb
Indicator Status Power Light 1pcs (Red)
Ethernet Port Light 2pcs (Yellow& Green) on RJ45, Yellow Indicates PoE, Green Indicates Link/Act
Surveillance Mode light 1pcs(Green), Green Indicates CCTV Mode is initiated
Protection Level EFT Level 2   Per: IEC6 1 000-4-4
ESD Level 3   Per: IEC6 1 000-4-2
Lightning Protection 6KV     Per: IEC6 1 000-4-5
Environment Operation Temperature -10℃~55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Humidity(non-condensing) 0~95%
Mechanics Dimensions(LxWxH) 200mm×101.8mm×27mm
Material Metal
Color Black
Weight 500g

PoE+ Max 30W Power Supply

TP1201 8+2 network switch utilizes international 802.3af/at standard that delivers up to 30W per port power supply, which doubled the power rate than previous 802.3af standard 15.4W, allowing much more network equipment can use this PoE network switch. In video surveillance, PoE+ 30W power rate enables PoE become realistic to PTZ network cameras, as well as some high power wireless AP. Furthermore, this network switch can achieve 250 meter long-distance transmission.

PoE+ (802.3at) 250 meter distance
PoE+ (802.3at) 250 meter distance

One Key CCTV mode

TP120 has one-key mode setting patent design. When using the network switch for video surveillance system, users can switch to CCTV mode, without changing settings on software, the network switch can automatically adjust settings to fit video surveillance application, so that, greatly simplified the installation process for security integrators and installers.When the DIP switch is switched to CCTV mode, the network switch will quickly start a dedicated channel, port priority, ARP defense etc special functions, meanwhile the download bandwidth will reduce to 10M below, transmission distance extends to 250 meter.

When the network switch to work with wireless AP, smartphone, computers and other equipment, you can switch back to normal data exchange mode, then the switch will function as a normal network switch.

One Key CCTV Mode
One Key CCTV Mode

Dual 1000Mbps uplink ports

Innovative dual 1000Mbp uplink ports design, one piece of switch is a set of small-size surveillance transmission system meets the access needs of HD security cameras, local NVR storage, managed switch, and other network devices. Additionally, RJ45 ports with gold-plated flatten pins, which increase the contact surface and resistance to oxidation. This design improves electrical performance and reliability.

8CH PoE Network Switch
8CH PoE Network Switch

Professional Realtek Solution

TP120 utilizes professional video surveillance data exchange Realtek chip solution that can meet the needs of video surveillance system in large data transfers. The network switch has a large data packet forwarding, carrying more data frames with more data, which greatly improves data transfer efficiency, ensure the quality of image and smooth video transmission without video latency. The industrial-grade chips with low power consumption, highly integrated, small temperature rising. In addition, the network switch also supports multimedia forwarding, large data caches and other advantages.

PoE Switch Adopts Realtek Solution
PoE Switch Adopts Realtek Solution

Anti-surge, 6KV anti-lightning protection

TP120 features with excellent anti-lightning and anti-surge protection, after going through yearly development, we specifically designed its anti-lightning capability, its grade can reach up to 6KV, exceedingly meet the requirement for civilian video surveillance. When this network switch works in thunder weather, TP120 network switch can effectively protect device to ensure the stability of video surveillance system.

Surge lightning Protection
Surge lightning Protection

TP120 is a professional PoE network switch for HD video surveillance system, it not only has regular data exchange capabilities, but also have a PoE feature, can simplify the installation of IP surveillance system. Anti-lightning and auti-surge protection design makes it become more suitable for video surveillance applications, utilzing 6KV anti-lightning standard, ensure the device can work properly even in extreme usage condition. In summary, TP120 is the ideal PoE network switch that can be used for residential and commercial network video surveillance systems.

PoE Network Cameras connect to PoE network Switch
PoE Network Switch Diagram

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