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Multi-functional PoE Splitter/Adapter 5V/9V/12V

Multi-functional PoE Splitter/Adapter 5V/9V/12V

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Power over Ethernet technology simplifies IP video surveillance installation, it can allow both power and data transmit over single Ethernet cable to eliminate power cables and power sources. PoE technology is suitable for many cases that WiFi wireless connection can't handle, including short range WiFi coverage, unreliable connection or RF signal interference.

In today's market, the majority home IP cameras don't support PoE function. However, using the PoE splitter can convert your regular IP cameras to support PoE function. PoE splitters can split data and power, then distribute them separately to regular IP cameras. Most importantly, it only connects to your PoE network switches/injectors/midspan.

In order to fully comply with both indoor and outdoor IP cameras, this multi-functional PoE splitter can output three different voltage including DC 5V, 9V, 12V.  So that it supports the most IP cameras, no matter they are DC 5V powered indoor network cameras or DC 12V powered outdoor network cameras. 

This PoE splitter complies IEEE802.3af standard, maximum output rated power is 15.4W. We offer 802.3at (PoE+) model which supports maximum 25.5W output rated power to work with IP PTZ dome cameras. In terms of network bandwidth, this PoE splitter supports 10/100Mbps bandwidth.

Product Highlights

  • Enable IP cameras to become PoE powered devices (PD)
  • Separate Ethernet and Power output
  • Lightning and anti-surge protection
  • IEEE802.3af standard, max. rated power 15.4W
  • 10/100Mbps data transmission speed
  • Voltage output DC 5V, DC 9V, DC 12V
  • Circuit-isolation protection
  • Good heat dissipation design
  • Reliable performance

Product Gallery

PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V
PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V
PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V
PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V
PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V
PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V
PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V
PoE Splitter 802.3af DC5V/9V/12V


Product Name PoE Splitter (DC5V/9V/12V)
Model PD2101D
Description 100Mbps PoE Splitter
Ports Input POE:RJ45; Output:RJ45 and DC Jack
Cable 10BASE-T: Cat3, 4, 5 unshielded UTP cable(≤100 meters)
Ethernet compatibility IEEE 802.3i; IEEE 802.3u; IEEE 802.3x Flow Control; IEEE 802.1af DTE Power via MDI
Output power mode 5V/9V/12VDC(DIP swiches)
PoE Port PoE (15.4W)
PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af (Max. rated power = 15.4W)
PoE Type End bridging or intermediate bridging
PoE Power Pairs 4/5+, 7/8-;1/2+3/6- pair
Working conditions Temperature: -20°~ 55°C ; Humidity: 5%~95%, Non-condensing
Compliances CE mark,commercial,FCC Part 15 Class B,RoHS
LEDs Indicators Power LED indicators
Dimension 80X55X30mm




PD2101D-at  High power 10/100M PoE splitter, Rated power = 25.5W
PD2101DG  10/100/1000M PoE splitter, Rated power = 15.4W
PD2101DG-at  High power 10/100/1000M PoE splitter, Rated power = 25.5W

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