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Unifore HD IP Camera

Unifore HD IP Camera for professional video surveillance

Unifore Security (Shenzhen Meidasi Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional HD IP camera and NVR manufacturer, we can provide you a complete solution in the field of high definition video surveillance. Our team has more than five years experience in digital video products development, we devote ourselves to creating constant value for distributors and users in the field of security.

As the pioneer, we have the leading independent research and development team which specializes in image signal processing, digital video codec, network video transmission. We can provide users with a total security solution including HD IP camera, network transmission device, video storage device (network video recorder), and video integrated management platform. Our products have been widely used in many fields including public security, intelligent traffic, industrial enterprise, fiance, government facilities, real estate...etc.

Unifore HD IP Camera

All of our HD IP cameras are compatible with standard ONVIF protocol, they can be integrated with international well-known NVR and NAS platform.

The compatible NVR/NAS manufacturers including:

Arecont Vision, Axis, Bosch, Brickcom, Canon, CNB, Dahua, Dynacolor, Hikvision, Honeywell, Nuuo, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, Tyco, Vivotek...etc.

Compatible Platform including:

Alnet, Aimetis, Avigilon, Axxon, Cathexis,Exacq, Digifort, Genetec, Geutebruck, Geovision, Join, Kentima, Ksenos, Lenel, Luxriot, Milestone, Mirasys, Netvison, Nuuo, Onssi, Qnap, Seenergy, SeeTec, Surveon, Synology, Unisight, Videoinsight, Wavestore...etc.

ONVIF Members

What's the advantage of Unifore IP Camera?

The optimizing H.264 High Profile compression algorithm realize the lower standards bit-rate of the industry.

Base on the bring video to front processing technology and the optimizing of H.264 High Profile compression algorithm, the Unifore's latest version firmware holds the original HD display effect, to realize optimized greatly the all series of HD IP front end products coding effect, to be better than the bit-rate standard of many professional manufacturers in security industry:

  • 720p (static stream: ≤ 500 Kb, dynamic stream: ≤ 1 Mb)
  • 1080p (static stream: ≤ 1 Mb, dynamic stream: ≤ 2.5 Mb)
  • 3 MP, 5 MP (static stream: ≤ 1.5 Mb, dynamic stream: ≤ 3 Mb)
IP Camera Bit-rate Control

Because of the bit-rate of video was reduced and optimized largely, the user could reduce network transmission and storage cost in the project design and implementation .

The latest version firmware realizes the aim of that lower standards time delay in the industry

The Unifore's latest version firmware enables IP camera to provide optimized performance. Unifore's IP cameras can deliver real time HD video stream with lowest video latency, which is even better than competitor's products in the market. The video latency time is less than 150ms for our 720p, 1080p, 3 MP, 5 MP IP network cameras. This allows user to setup a high performance and real time video surveillance system.

IP Camera Video Delay

Time Delay: 25.93 s – 25.79 s = 140 ms

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