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Rural farm solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE security cameras

Rural farms use solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE security cameras

There is a huge potential demand for security cameras in farming industry. Farms are typically located in rural remote areas that may have no access to Internet or even electricity. Farmers may have a strong demand that they want to deploy a couple of security cameras around the farm to either monitor animals or protect their farms away from intrusion. I think farmers can figure out numerous advantages to have security installed, this is one of our motive to introduce you the cost effective solar powered security cameras.

In past, we all know how to take advantage of solar power as it is one of the clean and eco-friendly energy. However, owning a solar power system is a big investment for an ordinary farmer. Such a basic system requires a solar panel to convert solar to electricity, a solar controller to manage the generated energy, a battery to store the power. In addition to high cost, such as a system is very sophisticated for people if they haven’t been trained. Perhaps this is the reason why farmers keep looking suitable cameras for their farms.

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Running farms allows you to get close to the mother nature, this doesn’t mean you can’t use and take advantage of modern tech gadgets. Here we introduce you HW1/HW2 solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE security camera. Comparing traditional solar camera solution, they own some distinctive advantages.

Unlike traditional security cameras, they adopts low power consumption hardware design that enables them to work with battery for several months. As a result, this greatly reduces the power rate of required solar panel. The camera has built-in rechargeable battery (as large as 10400mAH) and includes solar recharging circuit design, and the battery can last up to 150 days after a full recharging. This also eliminates the necessity of solar charging controller. The camera also tracks the power energy and you’re able to know the remaining capacity through smartphone.

Solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE 1080p security camera

In order to reducing the power consumption and achieve smart detection as well, it has a microwave sensor/radar to detect moving object. Normally security cameras will use a PIR motion sensor to achieve this purpose. However, microwave sensors/radars can provide more reliable and accurate motion detection than PIR sensors when working in outdoor environment. The microwave detection (range 9-12 meters) still works properly even the sensor is working under rain, frost and snow...etc harsh weather condition,while PIR sensor likely becomes mal-functional.

The product supports Wi-Fi or 4G LTE cellular network connection. Because of this, it provides wire-free installation requires no trenching and wiring. Don’t worry it may consume large cellular data, it only consumes 2Mb per day under standby mode. Because the efficiency of Smart H.264 compression technology, it consumes less than 150Mb per hour when video is streaming over 4G/LTE cellular network.

Solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE 1080p security camera

Moreover, it can work independently; users can use a smart device (e.g. smartphone, Android tablet, iPad) to connect the Wi-Fi hotspot of camera. Under this mode, you are able to watch live stream, tweak camera’s settings, even record video footage. You're able to remotely playback the recorded video footage through your smartphone, there is no need to climb up to remove the memory card from the camera.

Intending to provide 24 hours and 7 days operation, the product comes with an independent solar panel (6V 6Watt), the monocrystal silicon solar panel has high conversation rate that can charge the internal battery with 200mA current per hour. It includes 5 meters cable, you’re able to place the panel to the place where can get sufficient sunlight in the day time, and this will not interfere the view of camera.

By the way, it includes 4pcs high power white light LEDs can illuminate the farm at night. It can automatically turn on when motion detection is tripped, or you switch it on/off manually through smartphone. This is a starlight security camera that utilizes low illumination CMOS image sensor, the camera can capture color image under dim lighting condition without any type of artificial lighting (e.g. Infrared and white lighting). As a smart camera, it supports remote view and video recording, can accept max. 64GB TF memory card. A 64GB memory card can record 60 days under video resolution of 1920x1080/FHD. Furthermore, it has a microphone and a speaker to support audio monitoring and 2-way audio intercom.

Solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE 1080p security camera

Product specification

  • Model: HK-HW2-WF/4G
  • Image sensor: 1/2.7" low illumination CMOS
  • Processor: Ingenic T20 with 512Mb DDR
  • Video resolution: 1920x1080 25fps
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video stream: main stream 1080p, sub-stream VGA
  • Day&night: full color video surveillance
  • Solar panel: monocrystal silicon 6V 6Watt
  • Charging current: 200mA per hour
  • White light: 4pcs LED array 30Watt
  • Light control: motion detection induced/manual/auto
  • Motion detection: microwave radar
  • Detection range: 9-12 meters
  • Lens: 3.6mm 80°field of view
  • Battery: 10400mAH Lithium polymer
  • Wi-Fi module: Broadcom BCM series
  • Wi-Fi standard: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
  • 4G cellular: FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE
  • 4G bitrate: 2Mbps-4Mbps per minute
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Application: indoor and outdoor

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