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eRobot D1201-A IP Camera

How to use eRobot CMSClient Software?

eRobot is new generation network camera, it's designed for home and business security. Different from traditional IP camera, eRobot camera supports motion detection and wireless zones to work with up to 64 wireless sensors.

This is a smart IP camera which is based on peer to peer technology, it supports remotely accessing and watching through smartphone Apps, Cloud server (Cloudlinks.cn) and now PC client software.

Thanks for using our eRobot IP camera, we are pleased to introduce you the PC client software for this system. From now on, you can download the PC client software from below link:

Download link: http://support.hkvstar.com/file/CMS_Setup_1.0.0.8.rar

This software supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 operating system. Currently, we don't have software for Mac OS.

How to use eRobot CMSClient?

Step 1: Install the software in your computer

The installation is easy, just un-compress the RAR file, and click "CMS_Setup_1.0.0.8.exe" to begin the installation.

CMSClient Setup

Step 2: Run the software, Register an account

CMSClient Registration Window

Register an account with your new account name and password, and choose the language. Currently, the software support English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese languages.

Step 3: Login into CMSclient software

CMSClient Login Window
CMSClient Main Window

Step 4: Add your eRobot IP cameras

CMSClient Add New Device Window

Click on plus icon to add new device, it will pop-up add window. Fill the form with your advice ID (3C ID) and password, input the desired device name, click "Ok" to confirm.

If you don't have eRobot IP camera, but want to test this software, you can go to this webpage [http://www.hkvstar.com/2cu to get demo devices information (device ID and password)].

CMSClient Watch Live Video

Now the eRobot IP camera appears in the device list, double click the device name, the software will connect the eRobot IP camera, and live video will shows up.

Step 5: Use the software's function

This software allow user to manage many eRobot IP cameras simultaneously, and it also offers many useful functions including audio intercom, video recording (video file will be stored on your PC's folder), lock/unlock (Arm/Disarm) the eRobot IP camera, Pan/tilt rotation, and split views.

CMSClient Function

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