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Danale Software for Windows/Mac PCs

How to use Danale software for Windows/Mac PC?

Danale is a P2P solution provider from China; Danale P2P has been embedded in your network cameras intending to offer you hassle-free remotely video surveillance experience. In addition to using Danale App for your Android or iOS devices, users also can download and install DanaCMS software for Windows and Mac computers.

Download Danale Software for PC:

{josociallocker}Windows version:  DanaleCMS_V5.1.8.exe  Mac version: DanaleForMac.2.0.1.zip{/josociallocker}

Install DanaCMS Software

DanaleCMS software is compatible with all Windows operating system (WIN XP, WIN 7, WIN 8, WIN 10). After install the software on your PC, double click “DanaleCMS” quick link to run it. The software offers two different login methods including remote login by email/phone number & password and local login.

DanaCMS Login
DanaCMS Login
  • Email/phone number: manage your WAN network cameras.
  • Local log: manage your local network cameras.

Add your IP Cameras to DanaCMS

After logon, click “+Add Device”, the software will pop-up a new window, select “Local Search”, the software will search the devices in the same local network. If you hope to setup your Wi-Fi camera with this software, you can click "AirLink Add" button.

Add new camera to DanaCMS
Add new camera to DanaCMS

Click “+” button, it will display the device ID, click “OK” to add it to device list.

Found Device via Local Search
Found Device via Local Search

For an Internet/WAN IP camera, you may manually add the camera by inputting device name and device ID.

Manually Add Cameras via UUID
Manually Add Cameras
Input UUID to Add Cameras
Input UUID to Add Cameras
  • Device name: your customized name
  • Device ID: camera’s unique P2P UUID (e.g. 2ef99889ec1f8f1b72af639cb2a947bc)

How to find camera’s device ID?

If you wish to find device ID, you may check if a QR code label is on camera’s body, or you can login camera’s web page, go to “Network Settings” > “Mobile”, you are able to find UUID under the tab “P2P Server”. 

Find Camera's UUID
Find Camera's UUID

Replacement for Danale PC Software

I don’t recommend DanaCMS software if you wish to watch multiple local network cameras, the interface of DanaCMS is too simple, lacking many essential features. it unlikely can support network cameras from third-party. If you wish to have robust and user-friendly video management software for local video monitoring and recording, we recommend you this VMS. It’s compatible with ONVIF protocol, can support the most majority network cameras from different brands. Apparently, using the DanaCMS software is the only software can allow you to access your cameras remotely if your cameras utilize Danale P2P platform. 

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