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HD IP Dome Camera

How to install HD IP dome cameras?

A simple quick manual that guide you how to install HD IP dome camera. Before installing and using the camera, please read this manual carefully. To disconnect power from the mains, pull out the mains cord plug. When install the product, ensure that the plug is easily accessible. To prevent damage which may result in fire or electric shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture.



  • Do not drop objects on the product or apply strong shock to it. Keep away from a location subject to excessive vibration magnetic interference.
  • Do not install in a location subject to high temperature (over 50°C), low temperature (below -10°C), or high humidity. Doing so may cause fire or electric shock.
  • If you want to relocate the already installed product, be sure to turn o the power and then move or reinstall it.
  • Remove the power plug from the outlet when then there is a lightning. Neglecting to do so may cause fire or damage to the product.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and heat radiation sources. It may cause fire.
  • Install it in a place with good ventilation.
  • Avoid aiming the camera directly towards extremely bright objects such as sun, as this may damage the CMOS/CCD image sensor.
  • Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.
  • The Mains plug is used as a disconnect device and shall stay readily operable at any time.

Product & Accessories

IP dome camera Product & Accessories
IP dome camera Product & Accessories

Part Name

IP dome camera Part Name
IP dome camera Part Name

Installation - Removing the Protection P.E. FOAM

Removing the Protection P.E. FOAM

Before installing your camera, you have to read the following cautions.

  • You have to check whether the location can bear five times of the weight of your camera.
  • Don’t let the cable to be caught in improper place or the electric line cover to be damaged. Otherwise it may cause a breakdown or fire.
  • When installing your camera, don’t allow any person to approach the installation site. If you have any valuable things under the place, move them away.

1. Detach the Gasket from camera and Dome Cover from bottom case.

2. Take of the Protection P.E. FOAM from Dome Cover and Lens

3. Assemble the Dome Cover to the bottom case.

Assemble of the screw hole direction When you close the Dome Cover.

Dome camera screw hole

Installation Using Mount Plate

Removing the Protection P.E. FOAM

1. Disassemble the camera.

2. Using the template sheet, make the cabling holes on the wall/ceiling.

3. After passing the cables through the hole, fix the mount plate on the template sheet.

4. Connect the network cable and power cable respectively.

5. Fix the camera on the mount plate. Press 3 bezels on bottom of camera till it sounds snap to lock the camera to the mount plate.

6. Assemble the Dome Cover to the bottom case.

7. Detach the protection lm from the Dome Cover.

Cabling and Network Setup

Please refer to this article: http://www.unifore.net/ip-video-surveillance/how-to-install-hd-ip-ir-bullet-camera.html

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