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Hikvision Smart IP Camera

Hikvision IP Camera Smart Technologies

When I searched online for some technology information about IP cameras, I found a leaflet which was released by Hikvision. It introduced the latest technologies which Hikvision's IP cameras have been adopted. Therefore I publish them in this article to help you know these informative knowledge. Hikvision smart IP camera adopt several innovative technologies related to smart codec, smart detection and smart control. These cameras are primarily designed to deliver Smart concept to the market and convey the idea of smart security.

ROI Codec

ROI coding it is a function supported by JPEG2000 it enables a non-uniform distribution of the image quality between a selected region (the ROI) and the rest of the image (background). Based on user- defined ROI (Region of Interest), camera can decrease a non-ROI’s image quality to save maximum bandwidth and storage, and those regions of interest will be smartly transmitted with great details and better image quality under the same bit rate streaming conditions.

Region of Internet Recording

Smart IR

The improved Smart IR function allows adjusting the IR strength to have a better visibility depending on the specific requirement.

Smart IR Feature- Security Camera

120dB WDR

With super high dynamic range (120dB), Hikvision’s unique WDR technology brings out the cameras the powerful light handling ability in producing crystal-clear images even under extreme strong backlight conditions.

WDR Effect - Security Camera

EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

EIS technology allows 4-line camera to negate the blurry effects caused by camera shake and get stable images.

EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

P-Iris Lens

The “P” in P iris stands for “precise” because the iris uses both the ability to automatically adjust like an auto iris with controls in the camera’s software to create improved video clarity and depth of field. IP camera adopts the most advanced iris control technology - P Iris, which allows keeping an accurate and consistent sharpness and depth of view.

Conventional DC Iris lens vs P-Iris Lens


By taking advantage of advanced ISP (Imaging Signal Processing) technology, the IP camera is able to deliver crystal-clear image quality in low light conditions without any "Noising" interference.

3D DNR Effect

Up to 60fps

Certain applications require detailed surveillance, such as cash-handling areas; Smart IP camera with its high frame rate in HD / Full HD resolution, can capture detailed images with supreme image quality.

Full HD 1080p 60fps vs Full HD 1080p 30fps

ABF (Auto Back Focus)

The Auto Back Focus technology allows the security camera to adjust positioning of the image sensor to obtain an optimal focus; this feature can also be accessed via web Client.

ABF (Auto Back Focus)

VQD (Video Quality Detection)

The security camera automatically self-diagnose to detect any issues relating to storage, network connection, lens direction, de-focus, or tampering.

VQD (Video Quality Detection)


Through the image correction algorithm, Defog function can improve the whole image’s visibility and clarity even in very foggy weather.

IP Camera Defog Effect

Triple Streams

Triple streams give much more flexibility to users by allowing different data stream to be send simultaneously, and each for independent purposes:
- Main stream: full resolution
- Sub stream: low resolution
- 3rd stream: flexible choice (full, low or dynamic resolution)

Triple Streams

Low Bit Rate

By applying advanced codec algorithm, Smart IP camera can realize efficient encoding, and further minimize the system’s load and storage requirement. E.g.: At a very low bit rate streaming condition, 2Mbps at 720p resolution, 4-line camera could increase the image quality up to 30%.

Conventional IP camera 720p vs Low bitrate Smart IP Camera 720p

Intrusion Detection

Extremely beneficial for defined area protection, in the case of intrusion detection, IP security camera auto triggers the alarm and event-recording simultaneously. Applying latest algorithm, it automatically analyzes the intruders dimension ratio, to reduce false alarms.

IP Camera Intrusion Detection

Audio/Sound Detection

Smart IP cameras can detect and analyze the surround sound or any sound surge for an alarm triggering when an exceptional voice occurs. Furthermore, it can also filter the background noise interference or detect any audio stream exceptions.

IP Camera Audio Detection

Face Detection

Applying Hikvision face detection technology, 4-line network camera can accurately detect human faces, capture their facial images, or trigger an alarm.

IP Camera Face Detection

Smart Auto Focus

By applying advanced focusing technology, the Smart IP cameras boast easier focusing without any need for adjustment in the initial camera set-up and allows users to make further changes to the view by onsite refocusing. Also with its self-lock function, it offers better tamper-resistant capability

Smart Auto Focus


The newest generation of low-light technology allows star-light level supreme visibility even in extremely dim lighting conditions.

Conventional 1080p IP camera vs Low light 1080p IP camera

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