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Grain Media GM8136S IP Camera Solution

Full HD 1080p WiFi Camera - GM8136S + SC2035

The latest news from Unifore R&D department, Unifore plans to upgrade existing Erobot WiFi cameras to support full HD 1080p resolution. The Full HD 1080p WiFi cameras will adopt the Grain Media GM8136S + SC2035 solution. The upgrade operation will start from smart pan & tilt network camera D1201-A model. Since it uses the Grain Media, the cost of 1080p only increase approximate US$10, although users can't notice the difference of image quality when watching video on smartphone, Full HD 1080p resolution is still better than HD 720p, because the increased image size.

Some consumers may not be familiar with Grain Media. Grain Media is a Taiwanese stock listed company which specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing camera and DVR/NVR SoCs. Unlike Hisilicon & Ambarella are focusing on professional HD network camera market sector, Grain Media solution prevails in consumer security camera market sector, the well-known Starvedia also adopts Grain Media chips in its consumer HD cameras portfolio.

Established in 2005, Grain Media only developed several IP camera SoCs to server the network security camera market. Its product portfolio including GM8139, GM8138/8138S, GM8136S/8135S. Among them, GM8136S and GM8135S are two SoCs that widely used in consumer security cameras. Grain Media’s IP Camera SoC GM8136S/GM8135S embedded with an optimum ARM® CPU core and a comprehensive kind of peripheral controllers, targeted on the applications of consumer surveillance IP Camera, car DVR, and home monitoring system.

GrainMedia GM8138/GM8136 SoC Solution
GrainMedia GM8138/GM8136 SoC Solution

The video codec engine of GM8136S/GM8135S provides H.264 HP/MP/BL encoder; it delivers high-quality video performance with low-bandwidth requirement. The wide range of system peripheral elements, including video capture, display controller, encryption controller, serial I/F controllers, USB 2.0 OTG, and 10/100M Ethernet controller, enable GM8136S/GM8135S to support most of the surveillance applications of cost-effective products.  Checking the GM8136S's datasheet, we can know the product offers 720p@60fps video encoding capability, this equals to 1080p@30fps. Similar to its counterparts, the GM8136S support temporal and spatial 3D noise reduction, digital-WDR, sensor-based WDR, tone mapping etc advanced image processing technologies. GM8136S can work with CMOS image sensors from different manufacturers including Sony, ON Semiconductor (formerly Aptina), Omnivision, SOI, PixelPlus

Despite the fact that we still haven't decided to use which CMOS image sensor, the possible candidate is SmartSens SC2035,  which is the upgraded version of SC1035 CMOS image sensor. SC2035, from SmartSens, it is a 1/2.7-inch progressive scan CMOS image sensor can deliver best-in-class low-light sensitivity (0.01Lux), high dynamic range (HDR), and 1080p Full High Definition (FHD) video. 

SmartSens CMOS Image Sensor

Why we choose the Grain Media solution, not Hisilicon or Ambarella? As we previously mentioned, Grain Media solution mainly focuses on consumer market, its solution provides plug&play, easy remote viewing, even smart home integration (Z-Wave technology). In order to get the high image quality, we invite the specialist from Grain Media to debug the 1080p module, the result is quite satisfactory. Due to GM8136S only support max. 32GB TF card, so our Full HD 1080p network camera can't recognize 64GB/128GB TF card for on-board video storage.

According to the plan, we are able to provide the sample product to our clients at the end of this month. If you are interested in Full High Definition (FHD) Smart Pan&Tilt WiFi Camera, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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