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eRobot D1000 ASUS AiCam

ASUS AiCam Alternative - D1000 Smart WiFi IP Camera

ASUS firstly released Smart Cloud Camera - AiCam, it's a modern design megapixel HD IP camera which has built-in Microphone and Speaker, plus included with Infrared LEDs to provide day/night monitoring; Additionally, it supports WiFi network connection, enable this camera to be installed in any corner wherever in your home or office, it has dual-antenna design which greatly enhance the wireless WiFi signal coverage, keep the video streaming smooth.

eRobot D1000 from Unifore, it's another modern design smart IP camera. Based on 1.0 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor, both AiCam and eRobot D1000 can deliver true 720p (1280x720) HD video with vivid color.

Get your first D1000

Installation and setup are quite easy, only take three simple steps, user can watch live video remotely, or record the video to ASUS WebStorage, meanwhile take snapshots or video intercom; besides, AiCam can not only support night vision, but also detect motion or sound to record video automatically; has built-in microphone and speaker to hear sound around the camera, as well as talking back. By the way, the camera can play lullaby as baby monitor.

Similar to ASUS AiCam, eRobot D1000 also has built-in microphone and speaker to support 2-way talk, in addition to video motion detection, D1000 has built-in PIR motion sensor to provide true human detection.

Free 2-years Cloud Storage

ASUS Webstorage provides 2 years free cloud storage service for AiCam, this service allow user to store recent video footage for 7 days, or you can upgrade to paid service which offers video storage up to 30 days. Furthermore, AiCam can connect with AiCloud hub to store the video footage to USB HDD; also can connect to ASUSTOR series NAS for professional video recording and management.

Different from ASUS AiCam, D1000 has built-in MicroSD/TF card slot to support on-board storage up to 128G. This can allow user to record video without using Cloud storage. In addition to on-board storage, the D1000 complies with ONVIF protocol, it can work with any third-party's NVR. Compared with ASUS AiCam, D1000 can provide you HD video monitoring and recording without monitoring fee.

ASUS AiCam Smart Cloud IP Camera

Manage multiple AiCam on your mobile device

ASUS AiCam comes with App which is available for Android and Apple iOS smartphone or tablet. User can quickly add, manage one or multiple AiCam, watch live video, switch images between different AiCam, take snapshots, as well as 2-way video/audio talk.

AiCam can allow user to setup motion and sound detection. Once camera detects sound/motion, camera will send push notification and email with snapshots to smartphone. In order to reduce false alarm, the camera allows user to select motion detection region. Lastly, ASUS AiCam comes with three-years warranty.

eRobot D1000 comes with free smartphone App - 2CU, which can allow you to access, control, manage multiple eRobot cameras. Besides, the App supports thermostat function to display temperature degree and humidity value, also allow user to setup temperature alert.

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