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Wi-Fi Alarm Monitoring Panel

WiFi (TCP/IP) enabled alarm monitoring system

No telephone-line connection, even no need to use SIM card, it's Wi-Fi enabled alarm system for home/business monitoring. X8 is one innovative wireless alarm system based on Wi-Fi and GSM cellular technology. It can either utilize Internet (TCP/IP) or GSM cellular network to transmit alarm. Additionally, the system can not only support alarm monitoring, but also allows user to control home appliances remotely. No monitoring contract, no monthly monitoring fee. X8 is the ideal security system whatever you want to secure your residence or small business.

Easily installable wireless alarm

Easily installable wireless sensors for homes/ commercial establishments and heritage structures. X8 is wireless alarm system contains 24 wireless zones and 4 hardwired zones. The system works with a wide range of 868MHz wireless security sensors such as wireless passive infrared motion sensor, wireless reed switch, wireless smoke sensor and more. Through working with different security sensors, X8 makes your home a safer place. Thanks to wireless RF technology, X8 is 100% free-wire alarm system, the security sensors are powered by AAA batteries, meanwhile the alarm panel has built-in rechargeable battery, and supports WiFi wireless connection.

Remote control via Smartphone

X8 comes with free smartphone App which is available for both Android and iOS smart phones. You can use the App to config WiFi setting for alarm panel. Once the alarm connects to Internet, you can control the system anywhere, anytime. Besides, although your smartphone doesn't have Internet connection, you still can use this App to control the system via SMS.

All configuration can be done through smartphone App. You can remote Arm/Disarm the alarm system on your smartphone. Besides, once alarm is triggered, the system will send push notification alert and SMS to several emergency contact phone numbers.

Smart home automation

Compared with other traditional alarm systems, X8 have several advantages, supporting smart home automation is one of them. X8 system has flexible home automation integration. It can work with 20 wireless home automation devices, such as RF smart control socket and RF lamp holder. This feature can allow user to control any home appliances anywhere, anytime. It supports scene modes, which allows user to turn ON/OFF customized group of home appliances.

Alarm Monitoring Center Compatibility

The X8 system has CMS uploading option, which can allow user to choose alarm monitoring by central monitoring station. The system is compatible with ADEMCO Contact ID protocol for alarm management and receiving. ADEMCO Contact ID (CID) is a kind of universal alarm protocol for alarm communication between alarm panels and monitoring center. The X8 can upload/transmit alarm and Arm/Disarm, System's status to remote alarm monitoring center.

TCP/IP Alarm System Diagram
TCP/IP Alarm System Diagram

What's TCP/IP alarm panel?

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication protocol of the Internet. It can also be used as a communications protocol in a private network. TCP/IP alarm system also is called Internet/Ethernet alarm system, it utilizes Internet to transmit alarm signal. Traditional alarm system utilizes telephone line or GSM cellular network to convey alarm signal. Compared with traditional alarm, TCP/IP alarm system has many advantages; TCP/IP allows alarm to transmit large data, meanwhile it supports versatile functions such as smart home automation, IP camera, TCP/IP alarm system is cheap, reliable and effective. Through adopting Wi-Fi connection, installing Ethernet based security system becomes super easy. You can install the system in anywhere as long as it is within WiFi signal coverage.

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