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The Top-notch Wireless Alarm System

Unifore offers latest cutting edge wireless alarm systems for both residential and commercial security. The alarm system includes function of burglary and fire detection, temperature monitoring, two way voice communication, as well smart remotely control. It can not only suitable for self-monitoring, but also working with central monitoring station with Contact ID protocol.

Smart control via APP or SMS

Support totally smartphone control, included with free smart phone app for away arm/stay arm, check system's status, modify zone name, turn on/off relay output (for new version alarm panel)..etc functions. Monitoring your property with your smartphone without monitoring contract, as well monitoring monthly fee.(please note the system also can be connected into central monitoring station.)

Alarm system with smart phone app
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Complete coverage for security

Burglary iconBurglary Monitoring

Working with various intrusion detection sensors such as door/window sensor, PIR motion sensor, Dual tech motion sensor, Infrared Beam sensor. The alarm system can make alarm notification once it detects unauthorized entries or break-ins. Monitoring your properly in real time.

fire iconFire Monitoring

It can be used as fire alarm system, working with both wireless/wired fire sensors such as smoke sensor, heat sensor. Giving panic fire alert whiling working at 24 hours.

medical iconMedical Alert Monitoring

Push a button to be connected to users through the two-way voice intercom system. If assistance is needed, this professional will contact the appropriate emergency response services.

Carbon Monoxide iconCarbon Monoxide Monitoring

Offering high quality carbon monoxide sensor for detection of existence carbon monoxide, giving emergency alert, while density reach the trigger point. Making your home safe with CO alarm systems.

Flood iconFlood Monitoring

Providing professional industrial flood sensor for flood monitoring. Protecting your property away from flood damage, even offering water leakage detection function. Giving alert once it detects water leakage.

temperature iconTemperature Monitoring

Built-in temperature sensor for real time temperature monitoring. Allowing user to set upper and lower certain point for temperature alert.Real time temperature degree on LCD display of alarm panel.