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Hisilicon SoC Hi3516DV300, Hi3516CV500 IP AI Camera Solution 2018 CPSE

Oct. 26 2018, the last day of CPSE exhibition (China public security exhibition) which was held in Beijing, capital of China. Hisilicon, global leading HD camera solution provider unveiled new System-on-Chip for HD network cameras. The company has demonstrated Hi3559AV100 and Hi3516DV300, Hi3516CV500 SoC featuring artificial intelligence capability to consolidate its market share in video surveillance industry.


Hisilicon Hi3559A100 12nm processor, 5watt power consumption, equipped 4Tops AI computing capability, supporting 8K30fps and H.265 video compression, 4Kx4 image stitching capability, was released on January, 2018.

Pedestrian Analysis 16-channel 1080p Hi3559A 4Tops AI Engine


Hi3519AV100 12nm processor, 2.5watt power consumption, equipped 2Tops AI computing capability, can recognize and analysis 300 people’s face character per second, offering 4K30fps and H.265 video compression capability, 1080px4 image stitching for 360 degree panoramic camera solution, was firstly introduced on July this year.

HiSilicon has released its latest 4K AI SoC Hi3519AV100 targeting in the mid-range surveillance market. Hi3519AV100 is based on the 12nm TSMC process supporting 4K60fps capability of codec. The computing power could achieve maximum 2Tops after integrated with high performance xNNIE engine. It can also provide different application platforms for clients with the assistance of vDSP. Regarding to the image aspect, Hi3519AV100 can support maximum 5 channels input integrating 2 channel 3Kx3K or 4 channel 1080P stitching algorithm. It is designed to be a high performance algorithm platform based on visual.

  • Dual Core This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Processor / VP6 DSP@630MHz
  • xNNIE 2Tops Neutral Network Computing Performance
  • 4K@60FPS Codec, 4-channel sensor input and stitching
  • GE interface support TSO
  • USB3.0,PCIe2.0,SDIO3.0
High Density Face Detection Hisilicon Hi3519AV100 Hi3516CV500


Hi3516DV300 28nm processor, 1.5watt power consumption, equipped 1Tops AI computing capability, support 4-megapixel@30fps H.265 video compression, firstly introduced on July this year.

KCF and Facial Normalization Module: Hi3516DV300 supports KCF and facial normalization module, which can maximally improves the precision of objects tracking and the usability of face applications.


Hi3516CV500 28nm processor, 1watt power consumption, supporting 2-megapixel 30fps H.265 video codec capability, released on August 2018.

Hi3559AV100 Hi3516DV300 SoC

Decoder Module and Local Display Interface: Hi3516DV300 supports decoder module and local display interface, so it is also very suitable in the attendance and access control products. Hi3516CV500 and Hi3516DV500 are the new-generation SoC designed for the industry-dedicated smart HD IP camera. It introduces a new generation ISP, the latest H.265 video compression encoder, and a high-performance NNIE engine. It can exceed clients’ requirements in terms of the advantages of low bit rate, high image quality, intelligent processing and analysis, and low power consumption.

Neural Network Acceleration Engine: Both Hi3516CV500 and Hi3516DV300 are equipped with 0.5T and 1T CNN neural network acceleration engine. It is the key to improve the capability of supporting AI applications in video surveillance market, such as smart motion detection, face recognition and more.

Advanced WDR Technology and 8K-NR Technology: Compared with HiSilicon’s previous-generation products, Hi3516CV500 and Hi3516DV300 are adopted with Advanced-WDR technology and 8D-NR technology which can efficiently improve the video quality.

Secure Boot and Hardware Isolation System: The system of Hi3516CV500 and Hi3516DV300 are equipped with a secure boot and hardware isolation system protecting customers' products and sensitive data in the camera.

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