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Hikvison Smart Shop Video Surveillance Solution

Hikvision IP camera system offers modern surveillance beyond security

Maximize business efficiency and intelligence

Hikvision smart shop solution offers modern surveillance beyond security

The Hikvision smart shop solution is a modern, state-of-the-art IP surveillance system to reduce your loss and provide better service for your customers. The solution employs video analytics that can provide an accurate report of customer traffic flow and heat mapping to show the most active in-store areas. These analytics help buinesses understand customer behavior, assess conversion rates, and improve management efficiency. The smart shop solution is designed for independent shops, department stores, and chain stores.

  • High video quality
  • Excellent nighttime visibility
  • WDR performance
  • Wide coverage

IP video surveillance solution for retail chain stores or shops? Well, you may consider the Hikvision retail IP surveillance solution which includes everything you need to setup an advanced IP surveillance system promised to deliver optimum performance. Hikvision owns a complete product portfolio which allow users to select the ideal product suitable for variable places. A typical retail video surveillance solution includes perimeter, hall, stores, supermarket, warehouse, security center, packing lot seven big sectors.

Perimeter monitoring

Regularly, the key video surveillance points in perimeter sector including square, a high definition, optical zoom PTZ camera is ideal for covering the large area such as square. A bullet-type IP camera featured with long range IR is ideal to monitor the perimeter. For vehile entrance/exit, using the IP camera that supports HLC (high light compensation) technology, which is suitable for vehicle plate lisence recognition. For no-parking area, you can choose vandal-proof dome camera which offers you a great viewing angle.

IP cameras for perimeter monitoring
Figure 1. Video surveillance for perimeter

Interior hall monitoring

Indoor large area, you can choose the latest panoramic IP camera which offers you 360 degree no blind spot video surveillance. Also can incorporate with PTZ camera to allow detailed precision monitoring. Entrance, as such locations often encounter strong sun light, A Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) IP cameras allow to see clearly the interior objects even in challenging light condition.

Security cameras for interior hall monitoring
Figure 2. Security cameras for interior hall monitoring

Stores monitoring

For hallway location, you can install an IP camera that supports image flip function to fit this kind of vertical shaped monitored area, so that avoid pixel wastage in conventionally horizontal shaped image. To protect the privacy of high-end clients, this store often has a strong aesthetic requirement. Covert IP cameras can decrease greatly the intrusive character of conventional camera to bring a more comfortable shopping environment. For store inside, recessed mount IP cameras are the perfect choices. The recessed mount camera make a quick installation possible to save deployment time, meanwhile different cover color allow users to pick suitable one to blend in house decoration.

Security cameras for stores monitoring
Figure 3. Stores monitoring

Warehouse monitoring

The lack of sufficient light, Low light IP cameras are suitable for working in warehouse or basement. Low light IP cameras can capture color images even they work in extreme low light environment. As a high security area, the entrance should be restricted to limited employee. To avoid internal theft, any entrant's face will be captured and stored to dedicated NVR for post-event investigation.

Warehouse video monitoring
Figure 4. Warehouse video monitoring

Central monitoring room

Video central monitoring room includes several computers that installed with video management software. Intelligent, easy-to-use, reliable and feature-rick video management platform can provide security management, centralized alarm control, video analytics or integration etc. CMR is also the storage center, NVR products record the video footage from multiple network cameras, also allow authorized administrator playback, backup important video clips when it's essential for post investigation purpose. LED/LCD screen wall can allow operators to monitor several different places.

Video surveillance central room
Figure 6. Video surveillance central room

Packing lot monitoring

IDS cameras can realize vehicle enter/exit count to assist manager better evaluate the availability of packing lot. Outdoor packing lot can install powerful optical zoom PTZ dome camera that covers all the parking area. An auto tracking PTZ camera is the perfect choice.

Burglar Alarm System

Beside the video surveillance system, you may need to use burglar alarm system. The burglar alarm system can protect your premise 24/7 with advanced detection methods. Actually, in terms of protection, the alarm system performs much better than video surveillance system. Once a sensor is breached, alarm will be triggered instantly, the security guard can be alerted by many different ways. Unifore offers you many different types of burglar alarm systems come with different technology to fit variety applications.

Wireless alarm system
Figure 7. Wireless alarm system

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