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Yoosee Smart Cameras

Unifore is pleased to launch its eRobot series IP cameras to consumers. eRobot IP camera is the smartest security camera in the world. This camera can provide true high definition video, support two-way audio intercom, also allow video edge storage. Setup a complete security system with eRobot is very easy, connect it to your home router through WiFi connection or wiring an Ethernet cable, then you can access the camera through smartphone or PC software with camera ID and password.

Using the Unifore "CoT Pro / Yoosee" or CMSClient software, you can setup this camera with simple 4 steps:

  • Connect the camera to the network
  • Download&install the "CoT Pro" App into your iPhone/iPad or Android Smartphones
  • Register a new account on CoT Pro App
  • View video by the camera ID/password

The demo cameras info: Need help? read this tutorial!

Scene Camera ID Password Remark
Office 3896480 123 D1201-AD (GM8135S + SC1145)
Factory Inside 1093972 123 D1201-A (Hi3518E + OV9712)
Panoramic/VR Camera 5251521 12345 or 123 D1000VR

Remark: Online Time 9:30AM - 6:00PM (Monday - Friday),  Hong Kong Time UTC/GMT +8

eRobot camera can also work with security sensors, through working with different security sensors, you can protect your house from burglary, fire, flood, gas leak and more. Once an alarm is triggered, you will receive push notification, email with snapshots. Meanwhile, you can watch the live video to check what it is happening in your house.

eRobot home IP cameras are compliance with Onvif standard/protocol, it can work with third-party's NVR and VMS software.

  D1000 D1000G D1001 D1201-A D1201-AE D1201-C D1300 D1301 D1400 D1500
microSDHC 128GB 32GB 128GB 128GB 32GB 128GB 128GB 128GB 128GB (See note) 128GB (See note)
Remote Pan & Tilt            
Lens Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm Fixed 3.6mm VF 2.8-12mm
Built-in Mic&Speaker    
Built-in PIR motion sensor                
Temperature & Humidity              
Works with security detectors    ✓      ✓    
Alarm I/O                  
Outdoor Installation                
  1. Hisilicon (Hi3518E+OV9712) solution can support 128GB TF card, while Grain Media (GM8135S/8136S) supports all 32GB TF card, may recognize/use some brands 64GB TF cards.
  2. D1400 requires users to open the camera to install the TF card, it's recommended to pre-install the TF card during the production.
  3. D1500 has the removable cover design to make TF card installation easier.
HD IP Cube Camera with PIR Sensor

Smart 720p HD IP Cube Camera with PIR Sensor

720p HD IP Cube Camera, Smart detection with PIR motion sensor, TF/MicroSD Storage, Wi-Fi, Free App, Onvif

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