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COT (Camera of Things) Smart Camera

CoT stands for camera of things (derives from the popular term - Internet of Things). From now on (June, 2015), the COT will replace the 2CU for all the eRobot cameras (including intelligent network pan & tilt camera, intelligen...

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Wi-Fi Security Camera for Home

Deploying the Unifore's D1000 WiFi HD security camera have you covered. This past week, Unifore announced the launch of the D1000, a stylish WiFi-enabled HD camera that comes with compact size and integrates temperature&humidity sensor and PIR motion sensor. This camera delivers 720p HD video with incredible im...

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Z-Wave Home Automation System

Fibaro System, Poland based smart automation/control system brand. The company offers wireless smart home automation solution utilized Z-Wave protocol. The company offers Home Center 2, Home Center Lite system, a wide range of wireless sensors and accessories (including motion sensor, flood sensor, smoke sensor, doo...

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Hikvision All-in-One NVR DS-7600NI-E1/A

Hikvision, ranks No.1 brand in globe video surveillance industry. The company recently released new embedded network video recorder which has integrated with 22” surveillance-level LCD monitor. It's the all-in-one solution for consumers who need to setup a small or medium IP surveillance system. DS-7600NI-E1/A sup...

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Zmodo 4 Channel All-in-one sPoE NVR kit

Introduction: NVR is the abbreviation of network video recorder. The main function of NVR is receiving video streaming from IPC (IP Camera), then record on HDD, therefore to achieve video network distribution architecture.

In simple terms, through NVR, users can watch, preview, playback, manage and record vi...

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