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Should I go for 720p or 960H CCTV camera?

One of our customers asked us a simple question - should I go for 720p or 960H CCTV camera?  We know why this customer can't decide between 720p and 960H. Because the price for these two types of CCTV cameras are very similar. In this article, we intend to offer you some useful information about these two types of resolution format.

When selecting a security camera for your analog video surveillance system, resolution is the key consideration.  720p is high definition resolution that supports 1280x720p resolution,  P means progressive scan, all HD-over-coaxial cameras utilize progressive scan CMOS image sensors to deliver HD images.  720p contains approximate 0.9216 megapixel total effective pixels.

960H is the resolution of 960x480 (NTSC) / 960x576 (PAL), 960H contains approximate 0.55296 megapixel effective pixels.  960H resolution format originally derives from Sony, back to 2009, Sony unveiled Effio image signal processor to work with CCD image sensors. Before the emerging of new analog high definition technology, almost analog cameras are based on Sony Effio ISP.  960H CCTV analog cameras adopt interlaced scan technology to capture image.

Obviously,  a 720p picture contains much pixels than 960H resolution. Additionally, due to adopt progressive scan imaging technology can effectively reduce motion blur effect, 720p CCTV camera is better suitable for video surveillance that including motion scenes.

However, CCD image sensor has better light sensitivity feature. This can help camera to capture images in low light condition, especially when the security camera doesn't have artificial lighting (Infrared illumination, white light illumination). 

In 2014,  in order to sustain the market share of Effio chipsets, Sony released Effio-A and Effio-V ISPs which can deliver over 700TVL (750TVL, 800TVL) resolution images.  In addition to over 700TVL resolution image quality, these two image signal processors support many user-friendly features including automatic theme detection, Automatic Defog function.

One more thing, A 960H analog camera may cost higher than a 720p AHD analog camera, the reason is AHD solution has been widely accepted and used in today's analog video surveillance application, meanwhile few people choose to use 960H analog cameras are based on Sony Effio. The cost for both CCD image sensor and Sony Effio ISPs is becoming much higher than AHD/CVI analog cameras.  AHD/CVI/TVI cameras can use many types of CMOS image sensors from different manufacturers. 


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