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960H/720p/1080p AHD DVR

960H/720p/1080p AHD DVR FAQ

AHD products are very popular in today's analog video surveillance market. AHD cameras and DVRs can support 720p and 1080p high definition video monitoring and recording, it's a choice when you want to either upgrade existing conventional analog surveillance system or setup a new HD analog video surveillance system. Many people may have some questions about AHD cameras and AHD DVRs. In this article, we provide some frequently asked questions for 720p/1080p DVRs. If you find this page useful, please bookmark and share.

Which AHD DVR supports snapshot function?

  • 3520D based DVR: 4CH 4D1 and 8CH 8HD1 modes support snapshot
  • 3520A based DVR: 4CH 4D1 and 8CH 8HD1 modes support snapshot
  • 3521 based DVR: 8CH 8D1 and 16CH 4D1+12CIF modes support snapshot

How to connect PTZ cameras to AHD DVR?

a. PTZ cameras connect to DVR through RS485 (A: +; B: -), login DVR's main menu > System setup > PTZ > PTZ device, then choose correct PTZ protocol, bitrate, address information.

b. If connecting with multiple PTZ cameras, you need to set a different address to each channels. The channel's address should be the same as PTZ's address.

What's model name of AHD AD chip?

6114, compatible with nextchip 1914C, nextchip 1918C or nextchip 6114

What's the bandwidth of AHD camera?

The total bandwidth of AHD camera is 12M

What's TVL for AHD 960H resolution?

1000TVL (we don't actually measure TVL, the real TVL is approximate 700TVL).

CVBS/COMET/AHD1.0, what's the signal of COMET?

COMET is the name of AHDL called by Nextchip; AHD 1.0 is the current standard, maximum support AHDM; CVBS is conventional analog signal, maximum support 960H.

What's the resolution in DVR preview and IE preview?

a. If it's D1 DVR, the local preview is D1 resolution. If it's 960H DVR, then preview resolution is 960H.

b. IE (CMS) preview mode, because it's decoding, the image resolution is your recording resolution.

When turn on DVR, VGA Monitor shows color strips picture, then becomes dark.

The reason is VGA monitor supported resolution is lower than DVR output resolution. To solve this, you may use a higher resolution VGA monitor, or login DVR through IE, then adjust output resolution to lower than monitor's resolution. After you have done this, you should reboot DVR.

After connect AHD cameras to AHD DVR, DVR doesn't display image

a. Firstly, ensuring both cameras and DVR are AHD products.

b. Making sure camera's video output mode match DVR's mode, the DVR's resolution must be higher than camera's resolution (or equal).

What's current AHD camera solution?

  • AHG-5010PL-M: OV9712+NVP2431H
  • AHG-5010PT-M: H22+ NVP2431H
  • AHG-5310PL-M: AR0141+ NVP2431H
  • AHG-5313P-M: IMX238+ NVP2431H

Can AHD cameras connect to Analog matrix?

Currently, AHD supports three modes: AHD-M, AHD-L, 960H. M mode doesn't support; AHD-L connects to monitor will become Black/White image, 960H can connect to analog matrix without problem.

What's RTSP Stream URL for 960H DVRs?

rtsp://[IP address]:[port]/user=[username]&password=[password]&channel=[channel]&stream=0.sdp?

Note: The bracketed items are variables which you need to input according to your setup. Explanations of each variable are given below.

  • [username] - username to login to the DVR
  • [password] - password
  • [IP address] - IP address of the DVR. If you are not on the same local network, this should be the external IP address of the device's network
  • [Port] - port number
  • [Channel] - channel number of the stream

Example: rtsp://

  • - local IP address of DVR
  • 554 - default RTSP port
  • admin - default login user
  • password - empty

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