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8CH 960H/D1 DVR

8 Channel AHD/960H/D1 Digital Video Recorder DVR-9308L

Undoubtedly, there is still a strong demand for analog video surveillance system, especially for some emerging market such as Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo etc,  As the leading video security equipment manufacturer - Unifore. In addition to IP video surveillance system, we also produce analog cameras and analog DVR. In this article, we share some information about our 960H DVR, model DVR-9308L. 

DVR-9308L is a 8 channel standalone digital video recorder (DVR) that supports maximum AHD-L and 960H resolution video recording at 30fps (NTSC) / 25fps (PAL). This DVR works with 480TVL, 650TVL, 700TVL, 750TVL or 800TVL, 900TVL, as well as AHD-L resolution analog cameras. Similar to other security DVRs, this DVR is based on Hisilicon hardware, has embedded Linux OS to provide reliable video live view, playback, video streaming functions. It adopts industry standard H.264 video compression to offer high quality video quality while reduce file size for video streaming and recording.

Product Highlights

  • AHD-L/960H, D1, CIF front-end real-time encoding
  • Support VGA, HDMI HD video output
  • Video compression H.264 (High Profile)
  • Equipped 4 audio inputs, 1 audio output
  • Multiple recording modes including manual, alarm, motion detection, schedule
  • Support one SATA HDD, maximum 4TB
  • Three USB ports for mouse operation, USB HDD and USB-disc connection
  • Support XMeye Cloud technology, easy to achieve a variety of network penetration, one step to remote monitoring, getting rid of various complicated network settings, easy and simple to operate
  • Support mobile remote view via Android and iOS smartphones
  • Support multiple web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Support more than 20 languages, no nation boundaries
  • Perfect protection circuit, unique triple watchdog function
  • Supporting web, CMS, center platform management software MYEYE, provide SDK development

Open the DVR package

This DVR package includes one set of DVR, one USB mouse, and one AC/DC adapter (output: DC 12V, 2.5A), one IR remote, one quick-guide manual, one CD.  This DVR front-panel has keys design for quick operation, also includes a fluorescent screen that can shows status of video recording. Additionally, you can find a USB port that allow user to plug an USB mouse to operate the DVR. Overall, this DVR has a nice housing design, the fluorescent screen and key design makes it become different from other economical DVRs.

960H DVR Package Items
960H DVR Package Items
960H DVR Front Panel
960H DVR Front Panel

Rear Panel Design

DVR-9308L has standard interface design. In its rear panel, it has 8 channel video inputs (female BNC connectors), 1 channel video output (female BNC connector), 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI port, 4 audio inputs (standard RCA connectors), 1 audio output, RS485 connector, as well as RJ45 port and 2 USB ports. So, this DVR can work with traditional BNC CRT monitor and conventional LCD monitor via VGA connection, or even 1080p HD monitor via HDMI connection. The RS485 interface allows DVR to work with analog PTZ cameras and Joystick PTZ keyboards.

960H DVR Rear Panel - Interface
960H DVR Rear Panel - Interface

Connecting DVR to LCD monitor

We sell products without our brand information. After plug the adapter to DVR, the DVR starts booting. The LCD monitor instantly shows boot picture - "Welcome, H.264 Network DVR". Undoubtedly, we can replace this image with your customized boot picture. 

960H DVR Boot Picture
960H DVR Boot Picture

D1, HD1, CIF, AHD-L, 960H

This DVR is back compatible with all analog resolution formats. User can go to encoding options to choose desired recording resolution. In its option list, you can find D1, HD1, CIF, AHDL, 960H. You maybe not familiar with AHDL, AHD-L is the lowest resolution format of AHD technology, this resolution is equal to 960H. AHD standards for analog high definition.

960H DVR Encoding Options
960H DVR Encoding Options

960H DVR Supported Network Services

Navigate to NetService menu, you will find this DVR supports multiple network services including PPPoE, Email, DDNS, FTP, Alarm Server, UPnP, WiFi, RTSP, Cloud, PMS. Typically, we merely use Email, FTP and DDNS network services.

960H DVR Supported Network Services
960H DVR Supported Network Services

PMS - Push notification function

In its Netservice menu, you will find "PMS" function. What's PMS? PMS function: DVR sends push notification alert to your smartphone. To use this function, firstly you need to enable this function, also check/tick push notification when DVR detects motion alarm, then remember DVR's SN number. Using this SN number, you can add this DVR to XMeye App, then enable "Push notification". Once DVR detects motion alarm, your smartphone will receive push notification alert.

960H DVR Supported Network Services
PMS Function

Support No-ip.com DDNS

In its DDNS option list, you can find CN99, DynDns, Oray, No-Ip, Myq-See DDNS settings. Because the DDNS setting is still complicated to some consumers. We don't recommend user to use it. Fortunately, this DVR supports P2P cloud connection, which means accessing DVR from smartphone and PC becomes very easy.  For example, you just need to download and install Xmeye in your smartphone, then add this DVR to the App with DVR UID, user name and password, then you can instantly watch live video.

DDNS Services (CN99, DynDns, Oray, No-IP, MyQ-See
DDNS Services (CN99, DynDns, Oray, No-IP, MyQ-See)

Easy SMTP Connection

DVR-9308L supports motion detection and email alert function. User can enable motion detection, then select detection region. Once DVR detects movement, the DVR will send Email with snapshot to your mailbox. First of all, you need to setup the Email or SMTP connection successfully.

SMTP Connection
SMTP Connection
Gmail SMTP Configuration:
  • SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
  • Port: 465
  • Need SSL: Yes / Check
  • Username: Your full Gmail email address
  • Password: Your gmail password
  • Sender: Your Gmail email address
  • Receiver: Your Gmail email address
  • Title: Your customized subject

Note: Receiver can be multiple email addresses (up to 5), each email address should be separated with ";" (Semi-colon). After fill the form, you can click "Mail Testing" to check if camera can establish connection.

DVR connects to an analog camera
DVR connects to an analog camera
960H Real Time Monitoring
960H Real Time Monitoring

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